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Wednesday, 14 November 2007
A Thanksgiving Day poem
Topic: Thanksgiving Day

Turkey Day

What a smell fills the air as the table is set
More than enough, there’s no need to fret!
The spices, the yams, fruit pies fill the eyes
The room rings with shouting, laughter and sighs.

Young and old, the family gathers today
There’s so much to eat, there’s so much to say
When carving is done, eyes beam all around
Then biting and chewing, what a comforting sound!

Uncle picks up a leg, Aunt nibbles a breast
Who, if they’re hungry, can resist all the rest?
The neck bone is juicy, the hands and the feet
These turkeys don’t care if it’s white or dark meat.

They gobble till done, then wipe off their feathers
Give thanks to their god who dispenses such pleasures
All week there’ll be soup and sandwiches too
Plenty for casseroles, even a stew.

As they waddle and strut for drinks in the den
A youngster starts cackling just like a hen
What, just suppose, it was us and not them
Cooked and eaten with fork and napkin?

A few of them laugh but others are grim
Joking like that comes close to a sin
Be grateful for food is all they can say
Especially on this, our blest Turkey Day.


Posted by james-hazard at 1:46 PM PST
Updated: Tuesday, 17 June 2008 7:35 PM PDT

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